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About us?



We are a holistic company that offers Bach Flowers for adults, children and pets.  Our florals are characterized by their elaboration under the artisan method of Dr. Edward Bach, in order to maintain their legacy and the essence of each flower in a dropper. Our mission is to help all people who require the natural healing power of flowers in their life.



To be a recognized brand in Costa Rica and the world for the excellence of its artisan products made under the original method of Bach Flowers, offering all people the possibility of healing, through the energy they provide.

Adya Floral


At Adya Floral we are dedicated to developing and marketing products based on the 38 Bach Flowers. These flowers work directly on the physical, energetic and mental bodies of the people or animals that consume them.

Each handmade Bach floral fulfills a specific function, each formula is made according to the physical and emotional needs of each person; flowers energetically integrate positive emotions in the individual, such as: peace, hope, joy, security, wisdom and love.

We strive to offer quality, using the artisan method that Dr. Edward Bach used since its inception in 1936, in England. Which is to pack each flower in an amber glass bottle: this helps to preserve its plant properties properly, mixed with pure water filtered with minerals and a small dilution of alcohol as a preservative. What allows to maintain the legacy of Bach and the very essence of each flower.

We want people to be able to obtain flower essences in the simplest way with technological facilities, for which we have an online platform that allows customers to obtain the clear and necessary information to acquire the floral in a safe way, based on your needs, in addition to having it reach the door of your home or job, anywhere in the country with just one click .

 "Always glorify God for having made all those medicinal plants grow in the meadows that make our healing possible" Dr. Edward Bach.
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