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Adyaleth Chaverri: Floral Therapist.

Hello! If you are reading this it is because you want to follow your personal healing path, or perhaps help another person you love and heard about the healing power of Bach Flowers, I would like you to meet me and be encouraged to try Online Flower Therapy or well the custom floral compounds from Adya Floral; In the following lines I will tell you a little about myself and my life story.


My name is Adyaleth Chaverri Vidal I am a young woman who loves life, I enjoy nature, free time with my family, partner and friends, very dreamer a bit stubborn, enterprising and who always seeks tranquility in her own life and in that of others.


Some time ago I discovered that my purpose in life is to help people have healing tools that allow them to let go of their mental, emotional and physical barriers and continue to evolve in their soul path.


I was blessed to learn holistic techniques of Meditation, Yoga, Cuencotherapy, Reiki and one of the most important for me: Flower Therapy with Bach Essences, for which I am very happy to be able to share my knowledge with all the people who wish to do so. . And very eager to continue learning, healing and growing.


The story of my life was not easy, I have lived a process of physical and emotional healing for several years; and I occasionally had a moment of great sadness and melancholy when I lost a relative.


At that very sensitive moment I discovered the Bach Flowers, I did not know that there was something so powerful and natural that in just 3 days they would bring me out of a strong depression. From that moment I understood that nothing is chance, but on the contrary, everything is "causality" thanks to my unbalanced state of health, I understood that God put the essences in my path  of Bach for my own healing. After this, the need to study them and to be able to communicate to many people the miraculous healing that they bring was born in me.


Eduardo Rodríguez and I,  We have created with a lot of love, effort, passion and joy the company Adya Floral Esencias de Bach, whose purpose is that all people can know who Edward Bach was and what his legacy was. And mainly to offer them the possibility of understanding and using the power of flowers in their favor thanks to technology in an easy, fast and safe way but preserving the Bach artisan method.


Our goal is that  our clients can count on the possibility of receiving online flower counseling to heal their emotions and gradually see changes in their lives. The online Flower Consultation offers, meditation techniques, Gestalt techniques that guide the patient to realize their condition and heal their personality defects in order to balance their body, mind and soul.


I want to offer you the Online Floral Consultation if you want to know more about how it works and what it is for, click here !

  • Bach Flower Therapist graduated from the Gayatree Center for Yoga, Psychology and Alternative Therapies.

  • Hatha Yoga Teacher, graduated from the Comprehensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program at the Casa LAMAT School of Yoga and Integral Balance. His specialization is Hatha Yoga, Yoga of the five elements, Vinyasa and activation of the chakras through asanas and body movement.

  • Reiki and Sound Therapy School of Yoga and Integral Balance Casa LAMAT.

  • Public Relations Officer, Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. Experience in Advertising, Media, Press and Public Relations. 

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