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Terms and Conditions: Online Consultation

Conditions to start Flower Therapy online:

  • Each online consultation is totally personalized and 100% confidential, since at Adya Floral we have high standards and great professional ethics, which is why our priority is to ensure the improvement of each person.

  • The online floral consultation is free as long as it is by digital means online, WhatsApp or by official social networks, also by means of a phone call.

  • Each floral compound sent will be personalized according to the study of each particular case and will be sent to the client's home within 3 to 5 business days after each online session. Additional shipping cost.

  • The online sessions will be scheduled according to the coordination of agendas between the client and the Therapist.

  • The floral therapist will continuously monitor the progress of the person by the aforementioned means.

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